Using WP-O-Matic Plugin

WP-o-Matic ( has been fully tested and found to work well with WordPress (and Affiliate Content Magic).

There is ONE change you need to make if you want video posts to come through to your site.  WP-o-Matic uses a library that suppresses "iframe" content by default - and most external video sources like YouTube and Vimeo use iframes to embed video on your site.

Here's a video walkthrough of how to configure the plugin basics, then how to make the simple edit required to the plugin to make video come through.

Edit Required for SimplePie Library to Play Videos

N.B. - You won't be able to edit this via the Plugin --> Editor inside of WordPress, you have to log in via FTP to your site.

In your favorite FTP client / code editor, go to the folder:


Inside of that folder, open the file named "simplepie.class.php".

Search for each appearance of the phrase "iframe" (there should be 3) and DELETE them from the file.  (Make sure you don't leave extra commas in there!)

This code is filtering OUT various types of code from appearing in an RSS feed. By removing "iframe" from it, you're ALLOWING iframed videos to be shown on your site.

Save the file, and if necessary, reupload it to your server.

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